ITS Volda 2019

Leiar for internasjonalt kontor Arne Humberset og studieleiar GLU Oddvar Aalde – sentrale aktørar bak ITS Volda-konferansen.

Opningshelsing til konferansen ITS Volda, 10.4.2019.

It’s a great pleasure for me as rector of the Volda University College to welcome you all to Volda and the conference ITS Volda. 

Being close to the sea, Norwegians have always been close to the outside world by opportunity as well as necessity. And today this might be even more necessary than ever before. 

Volda University College is among the Norwegian Universities and Colleges with the highest level of international student exchange. Of course we are proud of this, but we also think this is necessary. 

Each year, hundreds of Volda-students go to study abroad and scores of international students come to Volda University College. 

Skrevet av

Johann Roppen

Professor dr.polit, rektor ved Høgskulen i Volda frå 1.8.2015.

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